Hey Whats up. I just figured out Kristen Stewart cheats  on Rob Patts with RUP sands. I cant really belive she actually did that after what she did on Twilight ( part1).

Rupert Sanders and Kristin Stewart:

She met him on the set of Snow white and the Huntsman. After being her poducer he probably monopolised her. I Know exactly why people ; celebreties should break up before they date. Apparently Kristin Stewart was actually the first star to be caught in six shots with a differant person. I bet Kristin tried to explain with the famous words " It's not what u think", Well of course he thinks, he has got a six shot proof.

Kristin Stewart an Robert Pattinson / Bella and Edward:

Kristin met Rob about 4 years ago on the twilight set. They figured out they really had to kiss and so they had this huge relation going on. Now she says she regrets but she has to break up with both and choose one.75% on Rob only 25% on rup